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Sefer Hasichos

sefer hasichos

First-Ever Podcast Launched to Learn the Rebbe’s Sefer HaSichos in Plain English

Project Likkutei Torah has launched the first-of-its-kind podcast dedicated to teaching the monumental weekly Sichos of 5751-52 delivered in a clear and concise detailed overview of each week’s Sicha in plain English. 

“It is a tremendous zechus to teach these latest Sichos of the Rebbe, which teaches us practically what we can each do to help make Mashiach a reality,” says Rabbi Mendel Lipskier, renowned Mashpia of Lubavitch Mesivta Melbourne, AU, who is already well known for his clear and concise shiurim as part of Project Likkutei Sichos.

You can enjoy the podcast by either downloading it to your favorite podcast player or listening to a given episode directly through its website, 

It is highly recommended to use the podcast as an aid to learn the entire Sicha in its original text which can be purchased directly on the Kehot website

This new podcast is a joint initiative between Rabbi Mendel Lipskier and Project Likkutei Torah (PLT). PLT is dedicated to making resources in Likkutei Torah more accessible through various podcasts and online resources. 

“To me, this podcast is so important because in this week’s Sicha, Chayei Sarah 5752, the Rebbe urges Chassidim to learn the entire Torah Ohr and Likkutei Torah, which is one of the main inspirations for starting Project Likkutei Torah in the first place,” says R’ Yaakov Cahnman, Executive Director of PLT.  

The Sefer HaSichos podcast is still available for dedication, which includes the dedication on the cover art, as well as availability for individual episode dedications, which can all be done through the site,

Participants may also join the WhatApp Community Broadcast in order to get additional reminders and exclusive content each week.

Project Likkutei Torah was founded by Rabbi Betzalel Bassman לע”נ פיגא בת בצלאל הכהן בסמן ע”ה with the help of Rabbi Meir and Shaindy Gutnick. 

*For the benefit of all, below is the code to embed the podcast into any existing website for these teachings to reach as many people as possible:

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