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Project Likkutei Torah (PLT) is a grassroots initiative founded by Rabbi Betzalel Bassman in Honor of his mother Feiga and Directed by Rabbi Yaakov Cahnman to enable Jews around the world to learn the entire Torah Ohr / Likkutei Torah, providing audio & video lectures covering one folio page (aka “daf”) each day, while learning an additional page of Likkutei Torah Shir Hashirim each Shabbos. 

Since our launch in 2021, we have met the demand to create more varied resources to help even more novice learners of Chabad Chassidus connect to these teachings by providing short summaries, davening takeaways, weekly hisbonenus (chassidic meditations), and more!

Moving forward, we strive to touch even broader audiences by making our content available on more social media channels, more in-depth learning schedules, as well as making lectures available in Hebrew, French, Spanish etc. 

Click HERE to learn more about the history and background of Torah Ohr / Likkutei Torah and its importance as a seminal work of Chassidic Teaching.

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