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Daf-a-Day or ‘DACH Yomi

Project Likkutei Torah’s flagship program, the Daf-a-Day of ‘DACH’ Yomi program, was created to make the dream of being able to finish the entire Torah Ohr / Likkutei Torah a reality. We are accomplishing this by providing resources on various levels to learn the text at a pace of one folio page (4 columns) per day.

Detailed Daf Overviews

This audiovisual series, geared toward experienced learners of Chassidus, relates the primary details of the daf in English, so the listener can gain the knowledge of the chassidus being learned within 30-45 minutes, only a fraction of the time it would take to read and translate the same content word for word.

Short Daf Overviews

This audiovisual series, geared toward beginners or those who are short on time, provides listeners with a 3-5 minute summary or digest of the entire daf, allowing the listener to get a small glimpse into the profundity of this great work.

Davening Takeaways

This audiovisual series, delivered by Rabbi Shmuel Weinstein, beautifully extracts and highlights fascinating insights from the day’s daf as it relates to Prayer, (aka Tefilla or Davening). It is geared towards listeners who have a sincere desire to improve their daily ‘service of the heart’.

Text-Based Content

We are curating text-based content of the day’s daf with vowels and commentary ready to use and learn for those who enjoy learning the daf inside the text.

All of our DACH Yomi content is consumable via our podcasts, YouTube channel, website, WhatsApp broadcasts, and more.

Please View the Moreh Shiur (learning schedule) for Daf Yomi below.

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